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Egyptian Fresh Produce exporter
world class quality


To produce , maintain and deliver high quality products and services from our farms to our customers. while challenging ourselves to make a difference and building a thriving worldwide enterprise.


Our vision is delivering high quality fruits and vegetables while maintaining sustainability and to become a trusted & safe worldwide fresh produce supplier

Our service

Delivering the highest quality, ensuring competitive prices while maintaining & building customer trust and relationships.

Who Are We?

Al-Jazeera Trade is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of exporting fresh fruits and vegetables. Al-Jazeera Trade is based in Cairo, Egypt. All year round, we provide a full, day-fresh range of fruits, and vegetables to our clients: importers, wholesalers, distributors and supermarket chains.

What do we do?

Al-Jazeera Trade is an Egyptian fresh produce exporter who specializes in the export of top quality fresh fruits and vegetables directly from our farms to the global market. Founded in 2009, Al-Jazeera Trade is an agricultural enterprise with a wide experience within the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

Al-Jazeera Trade provides full management for the fresh produce business, from sourcing, production, handling and packaging, sales, distribution, and logistical services.

Al-Jazeera Trade provides an integrated service to their customers across the world. We operate in over 25 countries paying careful consideration to seasonality. Our extensive knowledge and experience of fresh produce supply means that we can source additional items upon bespoke requests.

some of our projects to show

Fresh vegetables

Fresh Fruits

fresh produce

Our experience is extensive

The most important factors and skills that characterize our company we specialize in delivering best quality with best prices and adapting to customer’s needs.

– We have customers all over the world:

– Gulf area : Jeddah – Oman – Kuwait – UAE 

– Europe: Germany – Netherlands – France

– Asia: Malaysia – Singapore

We Guarantee

The Quality 100%
Speed ​​of implementation 98%
adaptability and professionalism 100%
Global GAP certificate
brilliant certification

We work for your satisfaction

We promise you high quality, and adaptability to fit your needs.
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