Our high quality products compete with international products and meet all specifications, standards and tastes according to the highest local and international specifications.


Services of import and export. Import and export of agricultural products. Supplying & distributing all kinds of agricultural crops .

Goals and objectives

High efficiency and maintain customer confidence. Maintaining the highest quality and safety of products and crops. Help products and Egyptian crops to spread .


شركة الجزيرة تريد للتجارة هي شركة لتوريد وتصدير المحاصيل الزراعية الي جميع مدن العالم العربية نستطيع تصدير وتوريد اي من المحاصيل الزراعية بشكل سلسل وسريع يهدف الي نجاح الموسسة الخاصة بيك وذلك عن طريق اليه عمل منظمة وسريعة


  • The aljazeera trade title is one of the leading names in the field .
    export at the local and international level to be one of the best Egyptian export companies that seek quality and excellence in the field of manufacturing, exporting agricultural crops.


  • The equipment and machinery used for sorting, and packing, Agricultural crops are modern and sophisticated to produce the product with the local and international specifications required to meet the needs of wholesale markets throughout Egypt and export to the neighboring countries markets .

Open Hours

We are open 5 days a week. please visit us during business hours or contect us by phone.
From Sunday to Thursday :- 10am to 6pm

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